Monday, February 22, 2021

Build Your Aquarium Around Your Fish

There are many challenges in fishkeeping. One of them is to successfully maintain fishes that grow reasonably large or are so active or territorial that they need a spacious tank in which to thrive. Like any other animal, fish need adequate accommodation, regular feeding, clean conditions, and appropriate exercise. In fact, you should always give as much consideration to owning a fish as you would to owning any other pet. find yourself standing in front of a display tank, contemplating bringing home that really special looking fish, little realizing (unless you buy your fish from Fintastic, since we'd tell you) that that tiny little fish will outgrow your aquarium tank Charlotte NC in a very short time.

It is always difficult to know where to start when planning a new aquarium. The temptation is to buy your pet first and then consider the problems of housing it. Misjudging the long-term implications is easy, especially if the fish you have chosen is a juvenile. After all, it shouldn't grow that fast, you hope! Most fish sold are juveniles, some will get just a little larger, but others may get huge. Oscars are a good example, growing as large as 15 inches. A large aquarium, measuring at least 48"x18"x18" is essential. Other species, like many of the aggressive cichlids, are highly territorial and will need a lot of room to thrive.

The best way to go about things is to build your tank around the fish you want to keep. Having decided on a fish that interests you, the first task is to determine the minimum tank size it will need at maturity, not what it needs now when it's as small as a guppy! Next investigate the ideal filtration system to maintain the required water conditions. A filter system can never be too large for the aquarium. However big the tank you provide is, it will never be anywhere near the size of the lake or river (or ocean!) in which the fish lives in the wild! And most importantly, before you buy any fish you're not familiar with, become familiar with it. Compatibility with other species is only one issue, size and personality are important too.
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